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Title:Back to the Hop
Artist:Danny & the Juniors
Writer:Terranova, White
Label:Top Rank
Release:November 1961
Danny and The Juniors began as a vocal quartet in the mid 1950s and with the help of DJ Dick Clark they had their first big hit late in 1957 with At The Hop for the ABC Paramount record label. In 1960 they made a change to Swan Records and in 1961 they recorded a sequel to their first hit, Back to The Hop with Frank Slay and his Orchestra. The song made No.80 on the Billboard Hot 100. One of the group, Dave White was famous for his compositions for other artists, The Fly, You Don't Own Me and 1-2-3.
feature 45
Title:Now That I
Artist:Jack Scott
Writer:Jack Scott
Release:June 1961
Jack Scott recorded for Capitol Records from March 1961 to December 1962 after the collapse of the Top Rank International label in the U.S.A. For Top Rank he had many hits including What in the World's Come Over You and Burning Bridges but not so for the Capitol label. His first Capitol single was A Little Feeling (Called Love) backed with Now That I and it barely made the Billboard Hot 100 at No.91.

See Cool Water
feature 45
Title:Got a Zack in the Back of Me Pocket
Artist:Johnny Devlin
Composer:Nat Kipner
Release:October 1960
Johnny Devlin came from a musical family. He won a talent quest in 1951 and formed a band with his brothers. In 1958 he began recording for New Zealand's Prestige label and released eight singles in as many months. In 1959 he came to Australia and set up his own record label, 'Teen'. He recorded this single with 'The Bricks and the Deeners' and the song made No.7 in Sydney on 12th November 1960.
Lonely Boy and I Gotta Be True.
feature 45
Title:Newcastle Twist
Artist:Lord Rockingham's XI
Release:May 1962
This British session group was put together in 1958 by musician Harry Robinson and television producer Jack Good. The group commenced with XI (eleven) members including an organist, saxophonists, guitarists, a double bass player and a percussionist and later they added a pianist. Their first record was Fried Onions and later in 1958 they had a British No.1 hit Hoots Mon. Newcastle Twist was based on a Tyneside folk tune The Keel Row.
feature 45
Title:Camptown Races
Artist:The Playboys
Composer:S.Foster arr.The Playboys
Release:February 1965
An instrumental quintet formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1963. They backed a number of local artists and in April 1964 supported 'Gerry and the Pacemakers' and 'Brian Poole and the Tremeloes' on their Australian tour. Later that year, 'The Playboys' signed to the newly-formed Sunshine label and released an album and five singles. The first single was Exodus / Sabre Dance followed by Swan Lake / Camptown Races. The group became well known as the backing group for Normie Rowe.