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feature 45
Title:Those Little Things
Artist:Bobby Vinton
Composer:B.Vinton, G.Allen
Release:June 1963
American singer, songwriter and bandleader, Bobby Vinton rose to popularity as a vocalist in 1962 with his first hit single, Roses Are Red (My Love) and released an album of the same name three months later. He had a string of hits in Australia until 1964 and returned to our charts in the early 1970s. His own composition, Those Little Things was the flipside of Blue on Blue which made No.9 in Sydney on 2nd August 1963.
feature 45
Title:Spanish Perfume
Artist:Jimmy Rice
Composer:Farrell, Boyce, Hart
Label:Red Bird
Release:May 1965
A Red Bird recording from Nashville, Tennessee sung by an Elvis 'sound-alike', Jimmy Rice accompanied by a chorus and some Spanish brass. It was one of his two single releases for the label in the first half of 1965. Prior to Spanish Perfume/The Grass Is Always Greener he recorded two sides for Louis Prima's record label in 1964: What's the Reason Why and Just Say Goodbye.
feature 45
Title:What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For
Artist:Emile Ford and the Checkmates
Composer:Monaco, McCarthy, Johnson
Release:January 1960
West Indies born, Emile Ford gained popularity in the U.K in 1959 when he and his group, The Checkmates, recorded an old 1916 composition, What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For as the B side of their Pye Nixa single release, Don't Tell Me Your Troubles. It topped the British charts on 18th December 1959 and stayed at No.1 for 6 weeks. In Sydney, it made No.1 on 12th March 1960.
feature 45
Title:Cowboys and Indians
Artist:Ronnie Brent
Composer:Ronnie Brent
Release:July 1960
Ronnie Brent hailed from Tennessee and in the early 1950s joined a bluegrass group, 'The Holston Valley Ramblers'. In the late 50s, he pursued a solo career in the rockabilly style. After little success with two vocal releases, My Sweet Verlene and Shirley Ann, he tried an instrumental, Cowboys and Indians for Lou Krefetz's 'Colt 45' record label. Still with little success in music, Ronnie became a poultry processor in 1963.
feature 45
Title:The Old Fashioned Way
Artist:Charles Aznavour
Composer:Aznavour, Garvarentz
Release:February 1973
Charles Aznavour was born in Paris to Armenian immigrants and started performing at age nine. He began songwriting in the late 1940s and in the early 50s was a warm-up act for Edith Piaf who encouraged him to pursue a singing career. His best known composition is arguably Yesterday When I Was Young (Hier encore). Not until the 70s did he chart in Australia: The Old Fashioned Way reached No.26 on 18th November 1973.
feature 45
Title:Tobacco Road
Artist:The Nashville Teens
Release:26 August 1964
A quartet from Weybridge, Surrey UK, the Nashville Teens formed in 1962 and like many pop groups at the time, they performed on the continent where they occasionally backed Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. In 1964 Mickie Most became their record producer and they recorded a revival of John D. Loudermilk's song Tobacco Road. It was a Top 10 hit in Britain and a big hit in Australia making No.4 in Sydney on 30th September 1964.
feature 45
Title:The Children's Picnic Song
Artist:The Teen Starlets
Composer:Kaper, Farrar
Label:Top Rank
Release:August 1961
The Teen Starlets was a studio group specialising in movie themes of the early 1960s. This song was from the movie Spinster also known as Two Loves, set in New Zealand and starring Shirley MacLaine as a teacher of maori children along with her two lovers played by Laurence Harvey and Jack Hawkins. The song was written by legendary writer Walton Farrar and the Polish composer Bronislaw Kaper.
feature 45
Title:He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney
Artist:Rosemary Clooney and her Sister Gail
Composer:A.Silver, Alfred
Release:October 1957
Rosemary Clooney started her recording career by singing duet with her younger sister Betty but this was a different sister act. She recorded He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney with her 12 year-old half-sister Gail Stone. The song was adapted from a 19th century negro spiritual by Abner Silver and lyricist Ray Alfred who wrote many big hits including the lyrics for The Rock and Roll Waltz.
feature 45
Title:Don't Book Me, Officer
Artist:The Tolmen
Composer:Johnny Devlin
Release:December 1963
Inspired by the Kingston Trio, a Sydney-based folk group, The Tolmen formed in 1961 and became popular on Australian television performing satirical and topical songs. Their only single, Don’t Book Me, Officer was written by Johnny Devlin about the introduction of parking meters in Sydney. Later they released two 7-inch extended plays: Namatjira and Pieces of Folk.
feature 45
Title:Barefoot Boy
Artist:Noeline Batley
Composer:Helen Grover
Release:September 1960
Noeline Batley sang on a number of live radio programs before she started recording. Her debut at age 5 was on 'Youth Parade' (2UE, Sydney) in 1949. Ten years later she was signed to Festival Records for the Rex label. Her first single, Starry Eyed flopped but Barefoot Boy written by a 16 year-old French migrant, Helen Grover became a No.4 hit in Sydney on 12th November, 1960.
feature 45
Title:Looking Thru the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl
Composer:Tommy Swarbrigg
Release:November 1970
An Australian quintet, 'Autumn' formed in 1969 and began recording for EMI. After the failure of their first release they changed to Chart Records, an independent local record label. Their cover version of Yellow River became a No.1 hit in 1970 and the following single release, Looking Thru the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl, an Irish song written by Tommy Swarbrigg, made No.3 on 17th Jan 1971.
feature 45
Title:Fly Away, Peter; Fly Away, Paul
Artist:Barry Sisters
Composer:Stephen Russell, Cliff Howard
Release:February 1961
Barry Sisters was a female duo formed in Sydney in the 1940s. They started recording for the Rodeo label in 1954 and later switched to Pacific Records. They appeared on many radio and television programmes and began recording for Pye in 1960. They joined the Allen Brothers on No Hesitation and followed with their own performance, Fly Away, Peter; Fly Away, Paul.
feature 45
Title:Botany Bay
Artist:Lionel Long
Composer:arr: Dr.Percy Jones
Release:27th October 1961
Lionel Long was born in Sydney and was a popular folk singer on radio and television in the 50s and 60s. His first singles were released by Columbia in 1958 but he had more success with LP records. Botany Bay was a song about transportation of convicts to Australia; it made prediction no.8 for the 2UE Top 40 on 28th October 1961.