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Title:The French Song
Artist:Lucille Starr
Release:29 May 1964
Canadian country singer, Lucille Starr began recording in 1959 with her husband Bob Regan as 'Bob and Lucille'; later as 'The Canadian Sweethearts'. Early in 1964 Lucille recorded a solo for A&M records The French Song with Herb Alpert as arranger and it became a world-wide million seller. The song eventually made No.18 on Sydney's 2SM Top 100 dated 28th August 1964 after 8 weeks on the chart.
feature 45
Title:Mister Dee-Jay Twist
Artist:Tony and the Initials
Release:May 1962
Englishmen, Tony Eagleton and Don Evans started a quintet in New Zealand in the early 60s after they failed an audition in England for Marty Wilde's band. Their first release was in 1961 on Kiwi Records, War Cry coupled with Taboo , followed in the same year by My Dixie Darling and Cloudburst. At the peak of 'The Twist' dance craze, they recorded Mister Dee-Jay Twist.
feature 45
Title:Stranger on the Shore
Artist:Mr.Acker Bilk
Composer:Bilk, Young
Release:December 1961
Acker Bilk, an English clarinettist wrote this tune for his daughter Jenny in 1961 and Leon Young provided a string accompaniment. The song topped the Billboard chart in the U.S.A. in May 1962, reached No.2 in England in January 1962 and No.3 in Sydney on 10 March 1962 in a run of 21 weeks. The recording also had the distinction of entertaining the Apollo 10 crew as they orbited the Moon in May 1969.
feature 45
Title:Stay Awhile
Artist:The Kingston Trio
Composer:Reynolds, Shayne, Stewart
Release:July 1965
After the expiry of their 7-year contract with Capitol Records, The Kingston Trio signed with Decca; their first release being Hope You Understand in 1964. They had six Top 40 hits in Sydney, beginning in 1958 with Tom Dooley and ending with Reverend Mr Black in 1963. Stay Awhile was written by the group for the album of the same name. See Everglades and Reverend Mr. Black for more info.
feature 45
Title:Brand New Key
Release:November 1971
Melanie performed at the famous Woodstock festival in 1969 and it inspired her to write Lay Down (Candles in the Rain). In 1970 it became her first hit and was soon followed by two others: What Have They Done to My Song, Ma and Peace Will Come. Melanie wrote Brand New Key in 15 minutes and it was released on her album Gather Me before being released as a single. The single made No.1 on Sydney's Top 40 in February 1972.