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	Tune in to Mark's Rock and Roll Party Show next Saturday night (24th. April) 
	for all your requests, the 'Listener Of The Week' segment, and another Garbage 
	Bin spot. The competition was won by John McFarland of Penrith.
	Requests can be made during Mark's show on (02) 9833 1444 or by email direct
	to Mark during the week. Mark's email address is
	Overseas listeners phone 612 9833 1444.
	WOW-FM broadcasts "live" on the World Wide Web. 

	You can listen to Mark's radio show from anywhere, however you can only hear 
	Mark's show between 7pm and 9pm on Saturday nights.
	Just calculate your local time equivalent to 7pm (Sydney, Australia time) 
	on Saturday nights. Click on the green "Listen Live" button on the left-hand side 
	of your screen, and wait a short time for the Internet streaming to activate. 
	You can contact Mark at the studio by telephone during his show on (02) 98331444
	(overseas listeners dial +61 2 98331444) or email anytime: 

	Take a trip back in time by clicking on "Previous Feature 45s", and browse 
	through the pages of selected original 45rpm record LABELS scanned from Mark's 
	collection. Each week another label is added. More records are also added to 
	this website on a weekly basis.